Anything but Ordinary!

Introducing a whole new way of seeing the world. Some see travel as packages, fitting neatly into square boxes, we see something very different. A new experience, a smile, a taste... a moment. We see travel as a form of self expression. The inspiration to travel should come from the heart... not out of a box, and the journey begins the moment you walk in the door.

So, are you ready to travel outside the square? Mondo.

10 Reasons why you should choose Mondo:

  • We truly are the experts in what we do
  • We love travel as much as you do
  • We are constantly searching-out the 'good oil' in any destination
  • We know the WORLD like no other
  • We are bringing back the Romance, Thrill and anticipation back into travel
  • Nothing is too hard... we are always here to help
  • Our value is in our people
  • We are breaking new ground in the travel industry and delivering travel in an exciting new way. Come in-store to find out!
  • Amazing deals, all day, every day
  • Your journey begins the moment you walk through the door

So the only question remains, are you ready to travel outside the square? To get started, why not check out some of our amazing holiday deals and cruise holidays. If you are looking for inspiration for an overseas wedding or honeymoon we can help with that too. Why not contact us or drop into one of our many travel branches and begin your own journey - you find were always here to help and nothing is too much trouble.